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Film School

Get ready to make a mark. Get ready to ACT.

We here at Mad Arts have built a totally practical curriculum, which involves intensive workshops, and enactments that will take you towards our common goal of making you a seasoned actor.

Basic Requirements of an actor

Acting requires you to be at the top of your mental as well as physical level all the time. Acting demands a great sense of Timing, Characterization, Discipline, Fitness and Observation.

Our acting students will learn the performing art by taking aid from professional studio sets, lighting setups and camera information. The tenets of both voice and body language will be taught in detail with inputs of Music, Stunts and Film dance. We will also aim at enhancing the actor's spectrum of knowledge by teaching the application of makeup, and costumes.

Mad Arts offers one of the most intensive acting courses.

  • Action Reaction
  • Voice Culture and Diction
  • Body Language
  • Characterization
  • Dance for films
  • Stunts and Fights
  • Enactments
  • Film Analysis & Film Appreciation

Mission Statement

Mad Arts' mission is to make your dreams come true by discovering, training, polishing and refining your inherent talent.

Scope After the Course

  • Feature Films
  • Television
  • Short Films
  • Web Series
  • Ads & Video Commercials
  • News Reading
  • Anchoring
  • VJ

Focused Training. Limited Seats.

We at Mad Arts believe in the personal growth of each artist. That is why we have limited seats and small batches so that keen detailing can be given to each and every student.