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Film School

"Editing makes or breaks a movie. You Know"

-Jamie Uys (Director, The Gods must be crazy)

Course Overview

Editing is very creative and enjoyable component of the production process. Some people say actual film is made on a editing table. Some talented editors enhance the value of the film many times. No double the editor is limited by the quality of the pre-production and production work. If sufficient footage is there and the film is technically shot well sky is the limit for an editor.

In a film, the shots are taken in the sequence of the scenes numbers or even shot numbers. The director might choose to shoot the climax first, then middle or beginning. It all depends upon the availability of the location, actors or many other factors. Then it is the Editor that put the film in sequence chops off the unnecessary footage and makes the film crisper in guidance with the director.

Mad Arts offers one of the most complete editing courses.

  • Film Grammer
  • Shot Compositions
  • Shot Division
  • Compositional Designing
  • Capturing
  • Editing
  • Composting
  • DI & Colour Grading
  • 4K Editing Workflow
  • Latest Formats

Mad Arts is India's first comedy school

Special lectures have been designed on the art and techniques of humor by Mr. Jaspal Bhatti himself.

Mission Statement

Mad Arts' mission is to make your dreams come true by discovering, training, polishing and refining your inherent talent.

Scope After the Course

  • Feature Films
  • Tele Films
  • Television Series
  • Web Series
  • TV Ads
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate Films

Focused Training. Limited Seats.

We at Mad Arts believe in the personal growth of each artist. That is why we have limited seats and small batches so that keen detailing can be given to each and every student.