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Film School

From the Dustbin of Jaspal Bhatti

When I wrote this piece on a rough paper about why I wanted to open a Film School my wife threw it in the dustbin. I asked her why she was so allergic to film schools. She said she loved watching movies but she was afraid not many people would be interested in learning the art, craft and skill of film making in this region.

I told her that I have a gut feeling that every person has plenty of ideas. Everyone has a unique talent. But they don't have the required training and technique to portray it.

Many of you want to become directors, actors, writers, animators, special effects-specialists, and RJ’s or TV presenters. There is nothing bad in such aspiration; after all show biz is a creative and very well paying field. But you have got to learn the tricks of the trade.

There are very less chances of you becoming a Shahrukh Khan or Priyanka Chopra just by reciting the dialogues from their films in front of the mirror.

You Can't become a Director just by watching and criticizing a couple of movies. You need to have a proper grooming atmosphere and the right curriculum to follow. I along with my team aspire to provide the best educational environment for those who want to make big in films and television.

Something about Jaspal Bhatti

What made 'The ULTA PULTA' man one of the most trustable Indians.

  • Padma Bhushan award winner for his contribution to art. Top Comedy Actor, Writer, Director and Social Satirist of India.
  • Founded India’s first humour club 'Nonsense Club'
  • Created India’s First Stand up comedy show 'ULTA PULTA'
  • Created one of India’s most successful comedy shows FLOP SHOW
  • Was responsible for the revival of the Punjabi Film Industry by creating the blockbuster 'Mahaul Theek Hai'
  • Reader's digest magazine names his as one of top 100 most trustable Indians

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