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12 Apr '14

Fall for love

fall of love

       CHANDER MOHAN, son of former Chief Minister and veteran leader Bhajan Lal, left his homeand also disappeared from the political scene. When he appeared after 50 days, he was accompanied by his brand new wife. ‘Nikal jao ghar se aur dobara apna moonh mat dikhana.’ (Get out of my house and don’t show your face again), shouted Bhajan Lal like in a saas-bahu serial. Bhajan Lal disowned him from the family and the government ‘dethroned’ him from the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

      Let me analyse who gained and who lost in this politico-love-story. The Haryana Government lost a symbol of love that could have been made the Minister of Love Affairs. Since there’s no scope for such a ministry in near future, the state government didn’t lose much.
There was addition to the rank of Muslims but the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Punjab, reacted sharply and said that Chander Mohan has used Islam only for remarrying.
His first wife lost an unfaithful man and his second wife got a man who could dare to sacrifice the post of Deputy CM for her. From his own point of view he is a hero because today when political leaders can stoop to any level to grab power, a leader has sacrificed his kursi for love.
A man applied for divorce. The judge said, “What’s your age?” He said, “25 years”. The Judge looked at his certificate and said, “It says you are 43.” He said, “Judge sahib, don’t count my years after my marriage.Woh bhi koi zindagi thi?”