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12 Apr '14

Sole stories

        A guy went to a shoe store and asked for a size 10 pair. “But sir, your feet don’t seem big enough for size 10. This size will be very loose for your feet,” said the salesman. “I don’t want to wear the shoes. I just want to throw them at my boss to register my protest”.

Sole Stories                Sometimes jooton ke bhoot baton se nahin mante. That’s what seems to have happened with Jagdish Tytler. First, a journalist threw a shoe at President Bush; then, Jarnail Singh, another journalist, hurled his shoe at Home Minister P. Chidambaram to show his resentment. A couple of days later at an election rally, a retired teacher hurled a shoe at MP Navin Jindal.

                 Whatever may be the impact, both at the victim and the attacker, these incidents are definitely going to give a boost to the shoe industry.
Some special makes of shoes will hit the market suitable for throwing at your b`EAte noire. The aerodynamically designed shoes will cover greater distance in the air to reach the leader at the stage, which may be at a distance.
                  In a bid to give competition to Action shoes, a new company might come into existence by the name of Reaction shoes. They could advertise their product, “Show your resentment through Reaction Shoes- solid sole, smooth flight and cheaper to dispense with”.
When a leader will go home after a hard day’s campaigning, his wife may ask, “How was your rally today?” “Excellent,” he would reply, “All the shoes thrown at me were branded”.