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12 Apr '14

Thought for food

thought for food

              THE Shiv Sena is considering organizing a one-day vada pav sammelan in Mumbai. It’s a great move not only to promote the food value of the stuff, but also to establish a deeper bond with the Marathi Manoos whose staple diet is vada pav. Those who cannot live without vada pav may think of casting their votes to Shiv Sena out of their love for the food. When this news reaches Lalu Prasad he may announce a samosa festival in Bihar. Keema samosa, alloo samosa, paneer samosa, and of course Lalu samosa would be the highlights of the jamboree.
Navjot Sidhu won’t sit idle in Amritsar. “Let’s organise a Makki di roti and saagfestival,” he would announce with one of his couplets from his stock of Sidhu-brand poetry.
Sarson ka saag aur makki ki roti hogi, BJP ki sarkar aur Congress ki chutti hogi.
In Chennai, Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa would sue each other as to whose party has got the right to hold idli-sambhar festival to show their love for their state.
Some political party workers approached me and asked how would I go about impressing the voters if they gave me the party ticket from Patiala. “I will organise a great Patiala peg party with the slogan ‘pio aur jio’. They looked at each other and disappeared.