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19 Apr '14

Loo humour

Loo humour             TOILET humour doesn’t mean cracking jokes in the toilet or about the toilet seat. According to the dictionary meaning, toilet humour means obscene humour or jokes related to bodily functions/biological excrement. Sometimes, the best of jokes are originated by persons who sit in the toilet for a long period. It may seem like leisure but it may actually be due the compulsion of constipation. The quality of the joke doesn’t have anything to do with whether you are using a western-style toilet seat or an Indian one.
             You may wonder if there is any difference between toilet humour and washroom humour. More and more Indians are using American English more than British English. My sister, who is doctor, says some patients explain their symptoms like this, “Doctor saab, ajj subeh se mujeh paanch baar washroom aaya.” We earlier used to hear, “Mujhe bathroom aya hai, ya mujhe toilet aya hai.”
            Some people say, “I want to go to the loo.” If some old village woman overhears this, she will say, “Hai, hai mere putt nu loo lag gayi.” Loo in Punjabi means hot summer wind.
                                                                      Do you know what they call French toilets in Bihar — La Loo.